Basic Tips for Weight Loss

Basic Tips for Weight Loss

No one ever genuinely loses fat while they lay on the bed all day, doing nothing. Or by wishing and craving to do so. It just doesn’t work that way (Take note: “genuinely”).

This means, you can go ahead and keep using all those tricks, drugs, drinks, slim teas, etc… but in the end, you will realize you’ve waste your money, time, energy, and even possibly your health (unknowingly). And yet, no significant results to show for it all.

Those that have had the opportunity to be guided in coaching sessions by me will always hear me emphasize on consistency and discipline. This is because you have to understand that it is totally impossible to lose that body/stomach Fat without these two characters. There is actually no shortcut to a permanent result with losing fat and staying healthy while at it.

It is very easy to be deceived in things like this because a whole lot of individuals and even families are actively seeking for easy ways to go about losing body or stomach fat, and most times forgetting that staying healthy is also important.

Basic Tips for Weight Loss

There are simple things most people that seek to lose weight find very difficult to do, and that is why they easily get tricked into believing that shortcuts can help them lose fat. Things like being consistent and disciplined with diet (without having to starve yourself) and just moderate fitness routines on a daily basis can definitely go a long way to help you get what you want in your weight loss journey.


Whenever I make this statement, people assume it’s just a bluff, but the truth is “No exercise or workout program can give you flat stomach without you having to watch what you eat and drink regularly”. Sit up, push up, back up, or any other ups will not just cut it, if you do not take care of you diet first.

We will focus on Carbohydrate in this guide because that is the major class of food that relates to weight gain and weight loss.


Based on complexity, there are 2 types of carbohydrates; the simple and the complex carbohydrates. It is called simple carbohydrates because our human body can easily digest it in order to gain energy and function properly. A perfect example is “Sugar”.

Complex carbohydrates on the other hand are not be easily broken down or digested by the human system. They contain about 2 – 20 saccharides (sugar) packed together, and that is what makes them complex.

Now, because the body system can’t easily digest this carbohydrates, it take just a little and discards the rest. A good example is in “Beans”.

In case you’ve been told to avoid carbohydrates in order to lose stomach fat, but you still eat beans. Well, it may interest you to know that studies have proven that beans contain even more of carbohydrates than protein.

In reality, you actually don’t have to stay away from carbohydrates in order to lose fat. Our bodies need the energy from these carbohydrates. It is quite easy, just have a little quantity of foods that contain complex carbohydrates, and more of foods that contain the simple carbohydrates in your diet. Your body definitely needs the energy if you are to stay healthy in your weight loss journey.

Remember, consistency and discipline is key. You don’t have to starve yourself in order to get that great body appearance you so dearly desire.

Drinking Water

You CAN”T wish a flat stomach, snatched waistline, or a perfect body into existence. Dreaming about those fitted dresses won’t make you miraculously fit into them. You have to work for it. You’ve got to START and stay consistent.

If you’re the type that always overeat, it is quite understandable. For most individuals, their bodies have a way of always making them believe they need to eat, even when in the actual sense of it, they may not be hungry.

You should know this by now. Overeating and weight-loss DO NOT go hand-in-hand. You will have to choose. I mean, there is no way you can lose fat if you continue to eat more than your body requires. Remember, this doesn’t mean you should starve yourself.

One thing that would help a lot in situations like this is the act of drinking enough water before, during, and after eating any meal. It is very simple and straightforward to understand that taking enough water this way gives your body the sense of satisfaction even when you may have only had just a little to eat.

This goes a long way to reduce the amount of food you eat when you get consistent and disciplined with the practice. In turn, the result gets even more glaring as you see your body beginning to re-adjust while you lose a substantial amount of stomach or overall body fat.

Water and Body weight

I have heard a lot of persons say that water make them Fat. No, water doesn’t make anyone fat at all. But you might be wondering why your weight fluctuates when you drink enough water. In fact some people add up to 2kg after taking water. Now, here is why…

First of all, you should know that water takes about 50 – 70% of the weight of the entire human body. The rest is either muscle, bone, or Fat. However, when your body holds on to extra water, it’s called water weight. This can cause bloating or puffiness.

Most times, your body would get rid of excess water through urine or seating. But if that doesn’t happen, then here are three things you can do in order to avoid water retention:

  1. Reduce your salt intake. When you take too much salt (sodium), it causes your body to retain water – so as to keep the sodium-to-water ratio of the body balanced. Okay, okay. Don’t get confused by chemistry, just reduce your salt intake. (Take note: sodium doesn’t only come from salt. There are other sources too. Reduce the intake of such substances.)
  2. Drink more water. I know it may sound contradictory. But you see, when you’re dehydrated, your body tends to hold on to the extra water in the body (just to save you). That is why you may need to drink more water. This would also help improve your kidney function, and in turn push away excess water and sodium as sweat or urine. Got that?? Great!!
  3. It is very simple and straightforward that the body system expends more energy during exercise sessions. This leads to the release of excess water in form of sweat.

Simple but Consistent Exercise

It may interest you to know that your inactiveness is one major factor causing you to add and retain those Fat you see building up in your body. I have explained this on so many occasions. You CAN’T get that fit and extremely gorgeous body you crave by sleeping on it all day. Get Up!

Here are a few basic underrated exercises that can help contribute to weight loss when repeated with discipline and consistency in good diet and water intake.

  1. Do house chore yourself instead of getting or paying someone to do them.
  2. Walk about half the distance to and from work. Instead of waking up so early to hit the gym, if you find the gym to be so stressful, you may want to consider waking early to leave for work in time so you can walk a great deal of the distance to work before taking a bus or cab.
  3. For those who find it interesting and fun, please go ahead and hit the gym. Excess fat could be built into muscles, or just eliminated totally.

In Summary

The first major step to take in order to loss excess body Fat may be to unlearn all the lies you’ve been told about weight loss. Without doing this, you may likely not make any progress.

A good diet, enough water, and simple basic but consistent regular exercises helps you stay fit, healthy and in control of your body. Like I’ll always say, consistency and discipline is key to unlocking that great fit body you desire.

If you pay close attention to everything we have look at here, and take necessary steps, you can go ahead and kiss that stomach or body Fat goodbye FOR LIFE. All you have to do is pay close attention and take actions where necessary.

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